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How to Create an Advertisement

Select the Sports Where You Want to Advertise

On Kids2ProSports you can advertise from a selection of sports from around the world. Below is an example of searching for 'Basketball' by sport name and creating an advertisement.

Search for the Sport You Would Like to Advertise

Kids2ProSports has eight major categories of pages you have the option to advertise on. Members can search 'General Sports, Special Olympic, Sports by Gender /Age, Sports by Country, Sports by High School, USA Colleges/Universities, International Colleges/Universities, Olympics/Paralympics and Member Profiles. Selecting one of the appropriate links pictured below will bring you to a searchable list of items that fit into the previously mentioned categories. In this example we will just use the 'General Sports' tab to search for Basketball.

Selecting the Sport

Once you have found the sport you would like to advertise under, click on the name of the sport in the column containing blue text. This will take you to the beginning of the advertisement creation process for that sport. In this example, the user wants to advertise under Basketball so he or she will click the basketball link pictured below.

How to search for sports

When you have decided which sport you would like to advertise on, click on the blue link of the sport's name.

Next Step

Entering your Advertisement's Information

You will now be able to enter the advertising information for the sport you selected in the previous step. For this demonstration we will assume you chose to advertise under, Basketball

To Select an Advertisement Type / Advertising Format

You can select the size of your advertisement through our Rectangle, Skyscraper and Leaderboard options. For more information on the sizes offered, please click here.

Select add Types

Proceed to the Advertisement Pricing blue link for the pricing options.

When you have decided on the sport and ad type, click on the Create Advertisement blue link. There you will select the Ad Type and select the days you would like your advertisement to appear from the calendar. You must select a minimum of seven days. The days or months can be in any order. Once these dates are selected they are reserved only for your advertisements….and either Add Another Advertisement or click on the Finish and Pay link.

Note the process below:

Select the dates when you would like to advertise (7 Day Minimum)

Select the days you would like your advertisement to appear from the calendar. You must select a minimum of seven days. The days or months can be in any order. Once these dates are selected they are reserved only for your advertisements.

Calender contorl

Enter the External URL

Enter the URL that you would like members to go to if they click on your advertisement

Choose external url

Upload your Advertisement

Select 'Choose File' and pick the file you want to use for your advertisement

Choose the file you would like to upload

Once you have selected your file, click "Upload" to upload your image to our server and display a preview

Upload button

Add another advertisement or proceed to checkout

You can now either add another advertisement to your order by clicking the 'Add Another Advertisement' button, or proceed to checkout your order by clicking the 'Next' button.

Review Your Order

Review each item on your order to ensure it is correct. (The order summary below is an example of selecting 7 days x the daily cost of $12.00 per day for a Tier 1 sport)

Review order summary

Fillout your Billing Information

Finally, fill out your billing information and when completed, click on the Finish button.

Finish Your Order

Your Order is Complete

Your Order is Now Complete

Order Complete

Kids2ProSports is a proud member and supporter of….

National Council of Youth Sports
National Council Youth Sports
The who's who in the youth sports industry. Its membership represents more than 200 organizations/corporations serving 60,000,000 boys and girls registered in organized youth sports programs.